A few facts and numbers

2 divisions

In order to adapt and maximize the learning, the students were divide into two separate divisions.

10 days of intensive singing

With individual voice lessons and coachings, audition masterclasses, career counceling, scene workshops, public concerts and Pilates yoga classes

Over 480 hours of classes

The total committment of our faculty made it possible to teach intensively from morning till late at night!

32 international students

From Luxembourg to France, from Russia to Argentina, our international students represented over 12 different nationalities.

11 faculty members

With faculty members coming from Australia, France, Italy, Colombia, Armenia, Switzerland and USA.

Countless memories

By sharing every meal together, a true sense of camaraderie and support was developped during the program.


What an unforgettable experience! The quality of the work was simply outstanding. Thanks to our amazing faculty for pushing each student to new heights. The results were just amazing.
-- Rachel Bersier  

Working hard

Practice makes perfect!



Gala concert in Montegufoni's main square